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Menara Landmark
Medical Suites

An integrated medical destination for Ambulatory Care Centre.

A Medical Suites within an integrated property creates a complementary facility to the whole development. It enhances the synergy and facilitates even greater business opportunities. Target to promote Medical Tourism in the region, Menara Landmark Medical Suites set a higher benchmark for medical care.

Menara Landmark Medical Suites showcase the first-of-its-kind integrated Medical Centre in town. Designed to provide superior consulting spaces to clinical and allied health professionals; Menara Landmark Medical Suites brings medical practitioners and specialists to practice under one roof.


Features & Tenants

Menara Landmark Medical Suites are embraced as the commercial components for Iskandar Regional Development Authority – Smart Healthy City initiative in Iskandar Development Flagship A.

The building was designed to enable smooth operation and visit. Wide and spacious entrance, convenience drive-way/drop off point, ambulance parking pay, disabled-friendly environment, clean and comfortable walk-way, ease the worry and doubt of visitors.

    Our tenants include:
  • Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre
  • Dr. Radzi’s Oncology & Daycare Centre
  • TMC Women’s Specialist Centre
  • Dr. Amim Dental Surgery
  • Landmark Medical Centre
  • Victory IVF Facility Centre
  • Davita Dialysis Centre


Where the heart of healthcare begins

Where the heart of healthcare begins



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